Calling all online COURSE CREATORS:
do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • ​You wanted to be your own boss but instead of running a business, the business runs you
  • ​You found initial success and made some decent money but are now "stalled" and "plateaued" over the last number of months (or longer)
  • ​You're tired of the constant grind of posting all day on social media but that's the primary way you make money and are "chained" to Instagram & "being everywhere".
  • ​You've attempted Facebook ads before but they just didn't really "work for you".
  • ​You feel stuck but don't know where to focus next to get yourself out of this rut and to more sustainable business growth that can run (and make sales) without you.

Do you want to know how I created a multi-million (profit) per year digital product business that ran on auto-pilot - so I was able to have BOTH a dream business & lifestyle full of freedom?

They did.  Listen to see how I helped them achieve massive results. 👇

If so, you're in luck. 

Finally, I am sharing the exact strategies I used to scale my online business sales from:

$135,000 to $1,500,000 within 1 year & continued to grow to a total of $13,600,000 while making sales on "auto-pilot" without having to be any kind of "influencer" or do any "selling" on social media.

The best part? 

18 months ago I sold that business for a "very nice" payday. 

I've never shared any of this info outside of my 1-1 private clients but now I am opening my calendar up for a small number of high-achieving online business owners that I can work with so you too can get life changing results.

 All of these private clients have completely different business models and I've helped them all add multiple 6 figures & more from just a few hrs of working with me.

Just like they have

Ryan Deiss says:

“Whenever Cole is on stage I listen! His relentless desire for business growth & continual improvement keeps him a few steps ahead of the competition.”

Ryan is CEO & Co-Founder of Digital Marketer & the Traffic & Conversion Summit

Grace Smith says:

“We count ourselves lucky to have Cole as a mentor. We watched in awe as Cole scaled his business, which had just crossed 7-figures when we met him, to a “8 figure sale” less than five years later. Cole’s “formula” is unique & his advice will build you a lean, mean, profitable machine.” 

Todd Herman - Best Selling Author of "Alter Ego Effect" 

Nicholas Kusmich

Roland Frasier says:

“Cole is one of the smartest marketers I know. He is innovative and strategic, tactical and data driven, all of the components it takes to set him above the rest.”

Roland is Co-founder or principal of 5 different Inc. Magazine fastest growing companies

KT Merry says:

“Cole is an invaluable asset if you are launching a digital product. His years of experience, vast knowledge of the space, and analytical mind helped our team surpass our launch goals. 
Cole consulted with our launch team & helped us grow our launch revenue by 40% over our previous launch with just 1/2 of the previous ad spend!

Unpopular Truths You'll Discover Inside The Rapid Scale System

  • You don't have to "be everywhere" and let social media consume your life.
    (I automated all of social media and didn't waste time on any of them!)
  • You don't need to have a "high ticket" program to create a massive business.
    (My most expensive offer was only $49/mo)
  • ​You can create a massive business without it controlling your life! 
    (When my business was at its peak it was making over $400K a month from about 14,000 to 16,000 digital orders a month & our total labor cost was only $15K or so with our small yet highly efficient team. I worked only 2-3 hrs a day
  • You CAN sell your info product company for life-changing amounts of money, even if right now the business and products are currently all focused on YOU. 
    (You'll just want my help to transform and re-pivot your business to remove you from the product and day-to-day operations & put the right things in place that will make your business "sell-able" one day)

Bryan Bowman of eCom Underground

Katelyn James

Bernardo Feitosa - CEO of Grace Space

Dislaimer: You won't find any photos of me posing in front of a Lambo or Ferrari.
I'm the guy who instead of using my money to buy fancy cars, put it away in savings & kept my head down to build a huge business that I then sold for a lot of money so I never "have to" work again if I wanted. 

All while being the best husband and dad I can be with my growing family.

Sound good? Great, let's keep reading then 😀

My "Secret Sauce"?

  • I've found the best ways to use LEVERAGE in businesses that maximizes your effort relative to your time & money.
  • ​I have a knack for crafting the perfect monetization path that maximizes your average customer profit while having tactics and systems to reduce the cost to acquire a customer.
  • Cracked the code of making sure YOU are not a constraint in the business and are doing only the things you want to do, and are best at, while being strategic with building a highly skilled and motivated remote workforce that is effective, yet cost efficient.
  • ​Designing a business that cranks out far more profit than you've realized was possible while the business runs on auto-pilot without you.
  • ​Knowing how to set up your business so if you want to sell one day, you can do so for 4-10x your annual profits!
  • A 10 module training program that will give you both the knowledge & system to deploy in your business to start improving your sales & profits.
  • ​8 group coaching sessions with me to ensure there are no questions that go unanswered and you are supported by me personally.
  • Clarity on the current constraints within your business that are holding you back from more growth.
  • A blueprint to implement into your business that'll create huge leverage that'll let you scale your profits while reducing your time.
  • My guidance on how to build a highly effective, yet affordable team so you can start to focus on only the tasks that you enjoy doing & hand off the rest.
  • My easy to use "stoplight" worksheets so you know exactly when you have a "green light" to go all in and scale wicked fast.
  • ​A deep dive into your business monetization strategy to uncover hidden revenue & profit levers.
  • The ability to design your "dream" business that aligns with your desired balance of business & lifestyle.
  • ​Bonus Training: Transforming your business into a hugely valuable asset that you can one day have the OPTION to sell for a huge payday (I built my info product business to be attractive to potential buyers & sold for 8 times our annual profit!) 
  • ​Bonus 1: The Webinar Mass Conversion Framework ($3,500 value) - This is literally everything I've learned after $2,237,048 of paid ads directly to evergreen webinars that have produced about $9,212,784 in sales! You'll get an actual slide deck to utilize so you can simply "fill in the blanks" and copy/paste.
  • ​Bonus 2: Built to Sell Training ($2,500 value) - After doing what most thought was impossible & selling my company that had my name in and was based on my expertise for a huge payday you'll get my roadmap so you can give yourself the option to one day sell your business if you no longer enjoy it or are just ready to "cash out". 
  • ​Bonus 3: Sales Funnel Audit with Cole ​($2,500 value) - Once you're done with the Rapid Scale System you'll be hard at work implementing in your business. With this bonus you will get my 1 on 1 undivided attention on one of your sales funnels where I will provide you with feedback & suggestions on what to improve for increased conversion performance.

Will This Program Work for YOUR Business?

By now you are probably thinking "Yea, you were able to get THEM results but will this really work for MY business?"

  • The Rapid Scale System is NOT a one size fits all solution that ONLY works for one type of business or businesses only at a certain income stage. It's a collection of strategies, tactics & business principles that are universal and ready to be deployed in anyone's online business.  
  • ​The strategies you'll discover will help you GROW with LESS TIME.  How "rapid" you choose to grow is entirely up to you - you're in control now.
  • ​The Rapid Scale System is not a beginner online marketing course.  So if you have zero online marketing knowledge of how to build an audience or email list this is probably not for you.
  • ​It's a "how to build a sustainable business that grows on auto-pilot, that doesn't rely on YOU" program. This is the difference in how some people will build sustainable businesses and others will never grow out of the "side hustle" phase.
  • ​I call it a program because it includes both course work, plus worksheets (so we actually get shit done together) and coaching (so you have me as your mentor to help you).
  • With the Rapid Scale System ​you will get the foundation, principles & my own time tested strategies to turn your current hustle into a vibrant and impactful business that you can rely on to make you profits day in and day out.

Bernardo Feitosa says:

“My name is Bernardo Feitosa, and I currently run a 7-figure online business I gotta tell you, If it wasn’t for Cole, it would have taken us much longer to figure out how to actually grow our business.

We were scratching our heads doing a million things, Cole looked at our business and knew exactly what to do next to grow our revenue

1. Cole’s got a superhuman ability to focus on a goal, identify most important metrics you need to hit, and actually make sure you reach that goal… While everyone was busy trying a million different strategies, I watched Cole surpass every other business I knew… he helped us focus and do the same with our membership platform and now we’ve gone from 0 to 2,000 paid members

2. He’s very different from your typical advisor who might say a few broad things and still keep you guessing the day-to-day. He can dive in and talk about what needs to be on your sales page, how your sales process needs to change, how your product itself needs to change

3. Lastly, if you work with Cole, he’ll help your business grow without a ton of additional investments. He’s not that advisor that will go on a call with you and tell you that you need to spend $10k here, $20k on this project or a new fancy hire… He will help you make more money starting where you are, and keep your margins super healthy

So, there you go, if you’re wondering whether to work with Cole, get started and follow his advice starting today… you and your business will thank you! And your future customers will thank you too!”

About Me

In many ways I am just like you. 

The year was 2013 & I wanted to make money online to provide for my family. 

So I created a website & YouTube account and started giving tons of free content. I figured if I keep at it, one day things would start to really accelerate - but like you can likely relate to, I was wrong.

I was juggling two full time jobs and trying to earn money online "on the side" and things weren't going well. In fact, I seriously considered quitting 3 times within the first 6 months. After all, why should I spend what little free time I had on something that was giving me nothing in return.

Well, I am glad I didn't quit because I had no idea how my life was about to change in just a couple years time.
Thankfully - I started to build a following, so I launched my first digital info product in which we made a bit over $100,000 that year.

That was cool... but I had no idea what the next year would bring and I even surprised myself a bit when the next year we did 15x that and made $1.5M in sales.

The next year I doubled it to $3M.

...I then grew it some more and as if that wasn't lifechanging enough - I was approached and given an offer to SELL MY COMPANY.

...and I did.

Which has been the most life changing thing to happen to me.

I quickly realized I had a gift for super fast business growth that didn't add the typical headaches and expenses that most business owners experience.

Where most companies fall victim, I navigated away from and as a result - I was able to create the ultimate dream for many.
An online business that operated without me, that generated sales 24/7 around the clock, while maintaining extremely healthy profits and minimizing "headaches" that most businesses have to deal with when scaling people and processes.

You'll get your chance to discover EVERYTHING you need to do, to get the results that I have (including selling your company if you so desire) inside the Rapid Scale System that I've created. 

Still Unsure? How About This...

If you meet the requirements and are accepted to join the program, here is my promise to you:

If you go through the entire program, do the homework, and actually implement everything and you don't get a result, simply request a full refund.

In fact, we'll even give you $100 to compensate for your time.

Sound fair?

If you are serious about your results and are prepared to work to get them you literally have nothing to lose.
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